Alliance Case Studies

A Good Reputation is the Greatest Reward.

What are the standards for reward? Each company has to decide that for itself. At Alliance, we measure our success and our reputation one customer, one building, at a time. Each is as important as the next. Alliance has built its reputation on return customers and referrals they have given others. Although many of our jobs have honored us with industry awards, we are far more concerned with earning and maintaining our customers' confidence. Rather than set our sights on the material rewards, Alliance continues to set its sights on excellence. The pay off? Success on our own terms and customers who do business with us time and time again.

San Juan Puerto Rico

Energy in the Caribbean is expensive (especially electricity) because of the combination of limited natural resources and the high cost of importing fossil fuels for conventional production.  When the US Army at Fort Buchanan decided to try to mitigate costs through solar energy production, they were convinced that the fledgling technology would be difficult, expensive, complicated, and time consuming.  Surely it would take years to find and complete the design requirements, determine the ideal locations, and longer still to find a contractor and get the array installed so they could realize the first savings.  And how could the solar panels survive the hurricane season?  It couldn't possibly be worth the time and effort.

Or so they thought.

Parson's Technology Group

When Parson's Technology Group found itself without contractors for the exterior of Medimmune's new Frederick County manufacturing and office building, and with a completion timeframe bearing down on them, they despaired of finding a solution in time. They had contracted the glazed curtain wall & the roof – but the entire exterior panel system, the tube steel supporting frame, and the windows needed to be done and contractors hadn't been selected. There was no way the project wouldn't be delayed.

Or so they thought.

Baltimore's Penn Station

Amtrak: Penn Station, Baltimore

Amtrak: Penn Station, Baltimore

When Baltimore's Penn Station needed its roof replaced, Amtrak officials were concerned that such a cumbersome project would disrupt the itineraries of its thousands of passengers. Construction noise, increased traffic, and debris would surely wreak havoc on this transportation hub - not to mention the safety of its one-of-a-kind antique stained glass skylight. But the roof was failing. An inconvenience to passengers and a gamble on the skylight seemed unavoidable. Read more...








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